All you need to know to rent a kayak or a SUP in aloKAYAK

Is it necessary to have paddling experience to rent a kayak without a guide?

The kayaks that we have in alokayak are self bailing and most of them are very stable so without previous experience you can rent a kayak safely. On the other hand the bay is a very protected place guarded by several Red Cross points so that you can paddle relaxed.

Is it necessary to have experience to rent a SUP without a guide?

No, it is not necessary. But you have to keep in mind that the SUP is a little more complicated than the kayak because you have to keep standing in balance on the board (if you get tired you can always go on your knees). If the sea is a bit rough or windy It will be a little more difficult. However, within the bay as with the kayak is safe to paddle. We will give you some basics before starting and you will be able for th first strokes.

Can we leave our belongings in aloKAYAK when we rent a kayak or SUP?

Yes, our facilities are simple but we have an area so that customers can leave their belongings. However, 50 meters from aloKAYAK are the public dressing rooms on the beach where there are lockers with key in which anyone who wants can leave their belongins (1.40 €)

What is the minimum age for kayaking?

Para ir en kayak son 6 años; siempre y cuando se sepa nadar. Con 6 años un niño deberá ir en un kayak doble acompañado de un adulto, para poder ir solo en un kayak individual es mejor a partir de 8 años.

What must it bring to go kayaking?

Only the swimsuit is necessary, we will provide you the vest. If it is cold you can bring a thermal t-shirt and / or a jacket. On the other hand if it is very sunny you can bring a shirt or lycra to protect you. If you want to stop on the island you can bring some flip-flops to walk around more comfortably.

Can you stop on the island?

Yes. Depending on the tide and the people on the island, we advise you to land in one place or another. But you can always stop and enjoy the beautiful views of Donostia.

Can you have a drink on the island?

Yes. On the island there is a small bar, which offers drinks and something to eat.

How long does it take to get to the island?

The island is very close to aloKayak. In kayak it will take about 15 minutes even if you do not have experience. In SUP depending on your skills and the sea conditions will be a little more time. If you want to go to the island, walk around and paddle back to aloKAYAK, with an hour is usually enough. If you also want to have something in the bar and paddle the bay is better 1 hour and a half.