kayaks and stand up paddle SUP rental

  • Single kayaks, Double kayaks (2 + 1 child ) and Triples (2 + 2 children) are avalaible
  • These kayaks are self-emptying (sit on top) and very stable, so no previous experience is necessary. You only need to know how to swim
  • We have diferentes kinds and sizes depending on your skills.
  • You can leave your belongings in Alokayak and after the activity have a shower in the beach showers (cold water). If you prefer there are public lockers and hot showers booths available 50 m. away from Alokayak (1.40 €)

    NO reservations are needed (groups and guided activities YES). We have a large fleet of kayaks/SUPs with high turnover so we will always be able to rent a kayak or a SUP. Once you've checked in an aloKAYAK member will give you an orientation that includes:
  • giving you the equipment
  • explaining the best paddling areas
  • informing about safety issues
  • La Concha Bay in Donostia/San Sebastian is a privileged place for canoeing , is very safe and is well guarded by several Red Cross stations , so you can enjoy your paddling with complete peace of mind.
  • Basically you need a swimsuit, towel and sunscreen.
  • If you want walk around the island is better with flip flops or footwear suitable for water sports.
  • In June and Setember waterproof jacket and long-sleeved t-shirt (neoprene wet suit for SUP) in case of clouds or chilly weather.
  • if you need glasses hold them with a safety strap or similar.
  • 10 hour discount bonus are personal and not transferable (can only be used by the owner of the bonus) and the hours can be divided into fractions with a minimum of half an hour; that is, the client can consume a half hour one day and another day one hour and a half, to it´s convenience.
  • included: kayak or sup, paddle, lifejacket, taxes.
  • We also offer guided tours which amount depends on the duration and number of people who want to perform the activity. You have to request information by calling or emailing.
kayak INUK
Stand Up Paddle (SUP)
icono kayak doble
icono kayak doble
icono kayak triple
icono kayak triple
icono kayak triple
6,50 €
10,50 €
12 €
16 €
1 h.
10 €
16 €
18 €
24 €
11 €
1 h.30'
14 €
20 €
23 €
28 €
15 €
2 h.
18 €
25 €
27 €
33 €
19 €
10h. bonus
65 €
75 €
icono niñobetweend 6 and 10 years old
icono adulto> 10 years old
  • You also have the option to hire a guide who will explain the basics of canoeing and take you through the most emblematic places of the bay: Peine del Viento, Santa Clara island, port...