kayak videos

The following videos explain how to paddle in kayak and the basic notions for the initiation to canoeing. They show paddling basic tips and how to manage the canoe or leave the beach to help you when renting a canoe. Our kayaks are easy to handle and very safe because they are unsinkable and self-emptying, so with these simple tips you will be able to handle yourself easily and paddle enjoying the bay of La Concha in Donostia / San Sebastián.
The most common service in Alokayak is the non guided rental for the simplicity of handling of available kayaks. Watching these videos or taking care of the explanations that we will give you at the time of renting, you can easily navigate to the most popular destinations such as Santa Clara Island or the Peine de los Vientos.

kayak for beginners:

How to paddle

How to get on the kayak

How to launch