Enjoy the trainera rowing races on a kayak

"The La Concha Flag is the most popular trainera rowing race in the Cantabric"
It´s known as the trainera rowing Olimpics as it's the most important race in its kind. The trainera is a rowing boat inspired in the ancient whale catching ships where 13 people row directed by a captain. The name of the race is Bandera de la Concha (La Concha Flag) and is refered to the flag wich is given to the winning trainera. The race is held the two first Sundays of September and eight traineras fight for the final victory.Alokayak is located within 15 min. of the Island which is a good place to see the race.
The kayaks are stable and unsinkable and they offer a comfortable a safe trip.
You just need to know how to swim, we'll give you some simple instructions and you'll be ready to enjoy!!


  • Stay close to the action.
  • Live the party atmosphere.
  • Follow your favourite trainera.
  • estropadak kayakean
  • estropadak kontxako bandera
  • Kontxako bandera estropadak
  • Dificulty: Easy.
  • When: 2 first Sundays of September
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • You must know how to swim.
  • single kayak / SUP: 25 €.
  • double kayak: 38 €
  • Included: kayak, paddle, life vest, and IVA
  • you can make reservations.